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Your website deserves better

the bottom line is...

You've worked hard to get to where you are. Your business has exploded but you feel like you've hit a wall. Growing past where you currently are feels impossible and it's like something is missing.

your new design bestie

The missing piece? A website that effectively and BEAUTIFULLY communicates who you are, who you serve, and what you have to offer.

that's where I come in

I'm Charis - and I'm pretty sure we're about to become besties! 

My dream is to make your website vision come to life. You and I will work together to not only make your business look beautiful, but we'll infuse your new website with strategy so the profit rolls in.

your next profitable move is here

it's time to let your website do the heavy lifting

with a beautiful and strategic af website, you'll be unstoppable.

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to apply. I'll get back to you within 2 business days. If we're a good fit, we'll set a start date and sign a contract 🎉

design process 

first steps

First Steps

We'll set your project start date and I'll send you client homework to complete before we begin. You will need to have your website copywriting and photos ready to go!

design process 

before we begin

Before We Begin

On Monday, we'll knock out your home page for your website and send it your way for feedback by end of day.

design process 

day 1


On Tuesday by 10am, we will send over any edits for your home page from the day prior. Once we have approval, we'll move on to two additional pages. At the end of the day, we'll send over the two pages for edits and approval.

design process 

Day 2


On Wednesday, we design 3 additional pages and send them over for edits by end of day.

design process 

Day 3


On Thursday, we will wrap up your final pages and send over your entire website for final edits and approval.

design process 

Day 4


After wrapping up any last minute edits, we will transfer your website design to your showit account, upload any additional deliverables to a google drive folder, and link your domain.

design process 

Day 5


You'll have Voxer (voice and text message) access to your Lead Designer for 30 days for any questions that come up! We're here to help make sure your website launch goes as smoothly as possible!

design process 

Moving forward

Moving Forward


Moving Forward

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Our Work Week


"Where do I begin?? I guess, I’ll start here: Charis is so sweet! Her customer service is top shelf, and her design is so cute, functional and playful. Exactly what I needed. I’m new to this whole custom design for ShowIt so it’s so nice to have a face to connect with for help on the back end. Definitely recommend her shop! 10/10!"

Katie C.



Up to 6 pages of handcrafted showit website pages made with your brand and customers in mind.

Mobile-optimized design so your website looks beautiful across all devices

SEO Implementation

blog design and setup

instagram landing page (like a linktree on steriods)

30 days of 1:1 support via Voxer after you launch

A video tutorial showing you how to make updates to your site moving forward

Payment plans AVAILABLE. 50% deposit due at time of booking.

Begins at


Have a website that looks and feels professional

attract customers that align with your brand values and are ready to pay a premium

Show up online as the confident business owner that you are

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